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5 Post-Op Supplies to Recover Faster from Plastic Surgery Procedures

5 Post-Op Supplies to Recover Faster from Plastic Surgery Procedures

5 Post-Op Supplies to Recover Faster from Plastic Surgery Procedures

When it comes to any surgery, planning for after the procedure is the answer to a speedy and comfortable recovery. Preparing ahead helps to reduce stress. Taking simple steps to have a smooth first few days at home will get you ready. Just as every surgery is different, so is patient healing. During the pre-op consultation, you will discuss and receive your specific post-op directions to coincide with the general recovery instructions. How well you heal will be up to you and how much you adhere to your plan. Having your post-op supplies ready in-home before your procedure will make life much easier for your support team of family, friends, and you.

Having lots of questions is normal when getting ready for plastic surgery procedures. We know because we’ve been there, not only listening to our beloved patients but having procedures done ourselves. And like you, we’ve gone down the rabbit hole researching online and asking friends about their procedures done by other plastics surgeons in Los Angeles. It can be overwhelming. One thing we know for sure is recovering from the inside out and that you can aid in your healing well before surgery with good vitamins, probiotics, and supplements to increase your recovery time.

Dr. Barrett is frequently asked how to recuperate quickly after plastic surgery. As proponents of holistic healing, Barrett Plastic Surgery gives you our Top 5 Post-Op Supplies recommendations to help you recover faster from your procedure once you leave the hospital or surgical center in Beverly Hills to the comfort of your home.

Optimizing Your Procedure Holistically Before Plastic Surgery

1. HealFast Pre-Op & Post Op is chocked full of vitamins and minerals your body will need to heal from surgery. Plus, it has probiotics to help restore the natural flora found in the body, which depletes from the antibiotics given during surgery to ward off infection. Taking before and after your procedure will also help to reduce swelling and control your pain.

2. Arnica Recovery Complex will reduce the impact of inflammation in your body from your plastic surgery procedure. Also great about this product is the natural and better way it alleviates swelling without causing leaking gut, unlike ibuprofen and aspirin. It also contains Bromelain, an extract of pineapple enzymes, to control bruising. The Arnica supplement is also ideal for medical procedures like dermal fillers, breast enhancement, and facial reconstruction.

3. Living Fuel SuperEssentials® Omegas 3EDA+ is high-quality fish oil made from the safer parts of the ocean with less mercury and other toxins. With an intense blend of antioxidants, fish oil, and essential fatty acids found in delicious snacks like sardines and anchovies promoting a healthy lifestyle. It has omega 6 GLA, K12, E, A, and D vitamins.

4. Barrett Recovery CBD is an excellent alternative to doctor-prescribed narcotics and opioid medications, although necessary after surgery in case of an emergency. CBD is readily available at your local cannabis dispensary; however, Wild Health is proven 100% organic with no other chemicals. It’s full spectrum cannabidiol which means a little goes a long way, plus it also doesn’t have THC to make you high. Other benefits helping you to heal faster is regulating anxiety and supporting you to sleep better. If you are concerned about your procedure, it works well in conjunction with HealFast when taken before surgery to control anxiety, as well as after when pain is most serious.

5 Post-Op Supplies to Recover Faster from Plastic Surgery Procedures

5. Skinuva™ Scar addresses incision scars and how they heal after surgery. Made with silicone and other field growth factors that recreate what babies experience in the womb. Medically speaking, field growth factors “stimulate cell growth, differentiation, survival, inflammation, and tissue repair.” Our patients use Skinuva scar for a minimum of three months twice a day post-surgery.

Barrett Plastic Surgery natural healing medicinal products of vitamins and scar treatment creams are available on our online store. To discuss what you will need before your procedure, schedule a consultation and call (310) 598-2648. If you are more content speaking with our team from the comfort of your home, we provide virtual surgical consultations.

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