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Getting A Leg Up On Your Liposuction Recovery

Looking forward to a liposuction procedure soon?  This handy “cheat sheet” will help keep your road to recovery as smooth – and bump-free – as possible.  Here’s to smooth curves ahead! Liposuction is now the most requested cosmetic procedure in the United States, surpassing breast augmentation surgery for the first time. And, while the widely […]

Well Red: Why LightStim is the Secret to Better Healing


Whether it’s elective or not, pain and inflammation after surgery is a reality anytime you go under the knife. Inflammation, which is actually an inflammatory response, is a part of the body’s immune response to injury, among other things, and often goes hand in hand with pain. In other words, more inflammation, more pain. But […]

Scars? What Scars? Ensuring All But Invisible Scars After Breast Augmentation

To say that you’re excited for your upcoming breast augmentation is probably an understatement. More accurately, the mix of nervous excitement you’re feeling is palpable; one of the ways to channel that energy into something productive is to get yourself prepared with everything you need for your breast augmentation recovery. It’s safe to assume that […]

Can You Hack Your Way Into A Faster BBL Recovery?

One of the most important factors when it comes to surgery is the recovery process. In fact, your plastic surgery aftercare can very likely make or break your ideal results. While the severity and length of recovery is different for everyone, there are guidelines, “hacks”, and tips  that can help you recover smoothly and with […]

Red Light Special Younger-Looking Skin With LightStim

By now, you may know that we’re big believers in red light therapy for pain and inflammation, but did you know that red light therapy is also an effective treatment to reduce wrinkles for younger-looking skin? How does Red Light Therapy for Wrinkles Work? Similarly to how it treats pain, red light therapy for wrinkles […]

Brazilian Butt Lifts are Booming; Healing Is No Joke


Making the decision to have surgery is always a serious one, and one of the most important factors is the recovery process. While the severity and length of recovery is different for everyone, there are generalities and guidelines that can help give you a better idea of what to expect. This is especially true when […]

New Breasts, Now What?

If you’ve booked your breast augmentation, you’ve likely spent hours googling information on what you need for your breast implant surgery recovery. But all the research in the world can’t tell you what breast augmentation surgery is really like. And while each experience is different, there are some general things you can expect. We’ll go […]

The Tuck Stops Here – Your Tummy Tuck Recovery

One of the most important steps in any plastic surgery plan is preparing for your recovery. But ensuring you have the best possible tummy tuck recovery starts before you ever enter the operating room, beginning with good vitamins and supplementation. Dr. Barrett has discovered hundreds of products aimed at ensuring his patients have the best […]

Sun’s Out, Skin’s In: Your Summer Skin Must-Haves

Filled with BBQs, vacations and beach days, the summer is a time for sun, fun and being outside.. That’s especially true this year, as world events have kept many of us from traveling and getting together over the past two years.It’s only natural to want to look and feel your best, and one of the […]