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Everything You Want To Know About Tummy Tuck Survival Kit

Everything You Want To Know About Tummy Tuck Survival Kit

Everything You Want To Know About Tummy Tuck Survival Kit

Plastic surgery is exciting because you’re about to change your life for the better by fulfilling a dream you’ve wanted for some time. The journey of a tummy tuck or any other aesthetic procedure does come with some nervousness. These are serious operations that can bring on natural anxiety, causing you to start thinking about the time after surgery and how your body will look and feel as you heal. Plus, you begin to question how long it will take to get through this phase to embrace the new you. Patients regularly minimize it’s equally important to prepare for the rehabilitation phase well before surgery. Prepping beforehand for post-op recovery can save you from any hassles or tension that may arise following your procedure.

Now that your stomach is flat, firm and you’re able can fit back into the jeans hidden in the back of your closet since high school or pre-kids, the first step to post-op care is assuring you have the entirety of your recuperation supplies nearby. Taking yourself to the store if you need something is not an option right after your operation. We suggest prefilling your prescriptions from Dr. Barrett and stocking your refrigerator with simple ready-made meals to be at maximum ease after your surgery. Also, set out your most luxurious loose-fitting clothing for maximum comfort as you recuperate.

What Items Do I Need to Include in My Tummy Tuck Survival Kit?

While the above tips help any surgery, you might still be up in the air on what products to have in your home recovery kit that you will use right after your tummy tuck surgical procedure. Here are some recommendations for your personal tummy tuck recovery kit.

Everything You Want To Know About Tummy Tuck Survival Kit
  • Immediately after the procedure, it will be difficult for you to shower. Your skin will eventually become dry, which is why you will need a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Hydrocortisone cream is beneficial as you may develop an itchy rash, making you even more uncomfortable and causing you added grief.
  • Continuously sitting upright can make the neck muscles tired and sore. Invest in a neck pillow.
  • An electrical medical lift recliner is the one item that will help you the most during the first two weeks. It’s more convenient than your bed to keep you in a more relaxed position. If you can afford to purchase one, then do so, especially if you plan to continue your plastic surgery journey with additional procedures. If buying a lift recliner is not an option, you can always rent one from a medical supply company for short- or long-term use.
  • Antibiotic ointments like Neosporin will prevent your surgical area from any infection.
  • Stool softeners are necessary. Dr. Barrett will typically provide a limited prescription for constipation associated with certain medications, dehydration, and lack of movement.
  • Gel and cold packs are always good to include in your recovery kit since they calm the skin and reduce swelling.
  • Anti-embolism stockings, which are different from medical compression stockings based on the pressure they deliver, will help minimize the possibility of developing an embolism from constant rest and little movement.
  • Post-surgical vitamins like HealFast can aid in speedy recovery since probiotics let you double-down on healthy bacteria and valuable gut flora that get attacked by post-surgery antibiotics.
  • The Arnica recovery complex containing bromelain is a must-have product known to reduce swelling and speed up recovery post up by 50%.
  • Skinuva™ Scar silicone cream helps improve the appearance of scars two times better than other brands.
  • Silicone strips are also helpful for scar management.
  • Barrett Recovery CBD tincture is a plant-based product with no side effects that provides relief as a post-op alternative. It promotes pain, inflammation, anxiety, and more restful sleep. It’s as easy to take with a 1.5 mL drop under the tongue.

Can I Buy A Pre-Prepared Tummy Tuck Recovery Kit?

Adding these products to your tummy tuck recovery kit will aid you a great deal as you heal. Some patients prefer a ready-made tummy tuck survival kit right from our office. Knowing the products are curated by Dr. Barrett and hand-picked by our team for your unique kit will give you peace of mind.

For any procedure we provide, Barrett Plastic Surgery has holistic aftercare essentials for a home recovery kit just for you. Our pre- and post-op care products are designed to guarantee maximum support and performance during your healing time.

To talk about your procedure and what you will need before and after surgery, schedule a consultation by calling (310) 598-2648. If you are more content speaking with our team from the comfort of your home, we provide virtual surgical consultations.

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