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How Healfast Pre-Op and Post-Op Assists in the Ultimate Tummy Tuck Recovery

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How Healfast Pre-Op and Post-Op Assists in the Ultimate Tummy Tuck Recovery

What supplement helps recovery after surgery?

You’ve chosen your doctor and booked your tummy tuck—so now what? Well, now it’s time to ensure you have the best possible surgical outcome, and that starts before you ever enter the operating room. It begins with good vitamins and supplementation. Dr. Barrett, in his research to determine which vitamins and supplements would help his patients heal faster, discovered a product called HealFast. Formulated in both a pre-op Healfast version and a post-op Healfast version, it contains everything your body is going to need to recover from surgery. In addition to the vitamins needed to prepare your body to go under the knife and assist in your post-op recovery, it contains prebiotics to help restore the natural gut flora and fauna that’s affected by the antibiotics needed to prevent any infection from surgery.

Both Healfast Pre-Op and Healfast Post-Op formulas are actually designed to provide the optimal level of nutrient support, for enhanced recovery after surgery, with a blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, probiotics and anti-inflammatories that are specifically designed to aid the healing process, maximize nutritional status and prevent depletion of key nutrients that occurs after your tummy tuck surgery (or any surgery or injury for that matter).

Additionally, the Healfast Pre-Op formula not only prepares your body for surgery, it allows for a faster recovery by reducing swelling, bruising and inflammation, and aiding in pain control. And the Healfast Post-Op formula actually gives your body the necessary nutrients to heal and helps you detox from anesthesia, in addition to also reducing swelling, bruising and inflammation, and aiding in pain control.

How long is recovery after a tummy tuck?

While there is no finite answer, as every patient and surgery is different, there are some general things to expect as you recover from your tummy tuck. You’ll likely have postoperative surgical drains that’ll be left in for a few days and will likely need to wear an abdominal binder for several weeks to support your abdomen and avoid fluid buildup. Your surgeon will advise you as to your optimal sleeping position, but you’ll likely need to sleep on an incline for at least the first few days. It’s important that you keep moving after surgery to keep blood flowing, which will aid in your healing process and help prevent a blood clot from forming in your legs. Something as simple as light walking around your home is just perfect to get your blood flowing. But it’s important that you rest as much as possible, and don’t feel discouraged if you feel tired for weeks or even months after your tummy tuck surgery. Healing is hard work! With that being said, it’s likely to be several weeks before you feel “normal” again, and you won’t be able to drive or take part in strenuous exercise or physical activity for a few weeks. Of course, you should consult with your board certified plastic surgeon to determine a post-op timeline that is specific to you and the particulars of your tummy tuck surgery.

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