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CALMg contains a unique blend of seven different types of magnesium, designed to alleviate anxiety and promote relaxation. Created by board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Daniel Barrett, CALMg’s relaxing elements help naturally settle pre and post-operative nerves, reduce anxiety, conserve energy for recovery, aid constipation, and allow you to rest comfortably by enabling optimal sleep patterns.

CALMg is a magnesium supplement specifically crafted for patients to feel more relaxed and fall asleep quickly without waking throughout the night. Magnesium is a naturally occurring mineral in the human body necessary for over 600 functions, including protein formation, energy production, muscle and nerve function, and blood pressure regulation. Those deficient in magnesium experience higher risks of illness and lower overall health. The many benefits of magnesium make it an ideal supplement for surgery patients, as it boosts the immune system while easing discomfort. Breast augmentation patients, in particular, find CALMg helpful in relieving tightening and muscle cramping. 

For those seeking a holistic approach to cosmetic surgery recovery, CALMg a magnesium supplement, provides seven types of magnesium as well as vitamin B6 for optimal healing. Vitamin B6 helps in the creation of red blood cells, which transport oxygen throughout the body. Magnesium and vitamin B6 combine wonderfully, boosting its ability to manage stress levels. Low magnesium levels are also associated with an increased risk of depression, as it plays a critical role in brain function. CALMg helps naturally settle nerves during the vulnerable period before and after a procedure. The relaxing elements of CALMg support healthy sleep patterns allowing patients to rest comfortably and conserve energy for recovery. 

There are seven different types of magnesium, each working together to completely support the body’s functions. Most people believe magnesium is a game of quantity, simply trying to increase their intake, but they’re still only getting one to two forms on average. CALMg is a quality formula created to address every part of the body by containing the full spectrum of magnesium.

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