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Mommy Makeover Recovery Optimization Kit


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Mommy Makeover Recovery Optimization Kit –

Carefully curated by Dr. Barrett.
Our focus on this kit is your overall well-being after surgery & to optimize and facilitate your recovery & healing.

Get the whole Mommy Makeover Recovery Kit and save 10%! The retail value of this Kit is $668.95.

  • Barrett Recovery Oil
  • Heal Fast Pre-Op
  • Heal Fast Post-Op
  • Arnica Recovery complex
  • Belly button sphere
  • Skinuva 50ml
  • Magnesium
  • Masszymes
  • Barrett Customized Post-Op Supply Kit


Retail Value $668.95
Save $66.89

Achieve optimal recovery after your mommy makeover with the specially curated Mommy Makeover Recovery Optimization Kit. Carefully selected by Dr. Barrett, each product in this comprehensive kit is designed to complement the next, providing you with the opportunity to have the best recovery possible.

The Mommy Makeover Recovery Optimization kit includes a range of products that address different aspects of the recovery process, ensuring comprehensive support for your healing journey:

  1. Heal Fast Pre-Op: Prepare your body for surgery with Heal Fast Pre-Op, a specially formulated supplement that contains key nutrients to support pre-operative health and enhance your body’s natural healing abilities.
  2. Heal Fast Post-Op: Support your body’s recovery after surgery with Heal Fast Post-Op. This supplement is designed to promote faster healing, reduce inflammation, and support the body’s natural repair processes.
  3. Barrett Recovery CBD Oil: Experience the potential benefits of CBD in promoting relaxation and soothing discomfort during your recovery. Dr. Barrett’s carefully formulated CBD oil offers natural relief and complements the other products in the kit.
  4. Arnica Recovery Complex: Harness the power of arnica, known for its restorative properties, with Arnica Recovery Complex. This supplement aids in reducing inflammation, relieving soreness, and supporting the body’s natural healing mechanisms.
  5. MassZymes: Increases the absorption of key amino acids and certain vitamins, allowing for better gut health.
  6. Skinuva 50ml: Enhance the healing of your surgical incisions with Skinuva, a medical-grade scar cream that is formulated to reduce the appearance of scars and support healthy skin regeneration.
  7. Magnesium: Support muscle relaxation and promote a calm state of mind with magnesium, a mineral known for its soothing properties.
  8. Silagen Bellybutton Sphere: This innovative device is specifically designed to provide support and protection, ensuring the best possible outcome after your mommy makeover procedure.
  9. Barrett Customized Post-Op Supply Kit: Dr. Barrett’s customized post-operative supply kit provides essential items to support your recovery, including first aid supplies tailored to your specific needs.



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    • lightstim for pain

      Lightstim for Pain

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    • Biome Breakthrough

      Biome Breakthrough Vanilla

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      Mommy Makeover Scar Management Kit

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