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Probiotic 225


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A high-dose, maximum strength probiotic, Probiotic 225 goes beyond the threshold of traditional probiotics to influence gut health and immunity in ways lower-dose probiotics can’t. It supports a healthy, balanced immune response by activating over 1,700 genes involved in immune and inflammatory signaling, and delivers 225 billion active probiotic cultures per packet to create a rapid response that resets the immune system and maintains normal inflammatory balance. Housed in convenient, single-serving packets, Probiotic 225 provides six proven strains chosen for their ability to survive the harsh GI environment. 


Why Dr. Barrett Recommends It: 

Supporting a healthy gut is essential to post-op healing—especially considering the effects antibiotics and anesthesia have on good gut bacteria.

A maximum-strength probiotic, this is designed to support accelerated wound healing, boost your immunity, lower the risk of infections, and aid in settling an upset stomach caused by taking antibiotics.