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BARRETT Red Light Therapy | Face Mask


*** PLEASE NOTE: Due to overwhelming demand, we sold out faster than anticipated. PRE-ORDER NOW to secure your Barrett Red Light Therapy Face Mask when our restock hits in 2-3 weeks! ***

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Read about our mask in the New York Post here!

Harnessing the power of near-infrared (NIR), red, blue, and amber/yellow light, our mask targets various skin concerns with unparalleled precision:

  • Near-Infrared (NIR) Invisible Light | 850NM: Improves elastin and collagen levels in the skin, enhancing the effectiveness of other wavelengths for accelerated results.
  • Red Light + NIR | 630NM + 850NM: Combats signs of aging, boosts cellular activity, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful complexion.
  • Blue Light + NIR | 460NM + 850NM: Targets acne-causing bacteria, reduces inflammation, and prevents future breakouts for clear, smooth skin.
  • Amber (Yellow) Light + NIR | 590NM + 850NM: Soothes sensitive or irritated skin, reduces redness and inflammation, and promotes a balanced complexion.

Introducing the Barrett Red Light Therapy Face Mask, your ultimate companion for radiant skin. Crafted with premium hypoallergenic silicone and cutting-edge LED lamp beads, this mask is engineered for both comfort and efficacy, ensuring a luxurious skincare experience with every use. Our state-of-the-art LEDs emit targeted wavelengths of light, delivering precise and effective results. From stimulating collagen production to treating acne, the customizable settings allow you to tailor your treatment intensity for optimal outcomes.


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