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Scar Shield | Areola


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Scar Shield | Areola: Shape Your Healing Journey

  • Unveiling the ultimate in versatility from Barrett Recovery – this pair of 2 ⅞” diameter donut-shaped sheets are fully customizable for a variety of breast procedures.
  • Redefine your healing experience and embrace your path to confidence with Scar Shield | Areola.



Specialized design for breast procedures:

  • Introducing SCAR SHIELD by Barrett Recovery, the ultimate scar care solution specifically developed for the delicate areola area after breast surgeries.
  • Ideal for use following augmentations, reductions, and nipple procedures, these donut-shaped shields are meticulously crafted to address the unique recovery needs of breast surgery scars.


Premium silicone material:

  • Each Scar Shield is made from 100% medical-grade silicone, known for its safety and efficacy in cosmetic and medical applications.
  • Silicone, or polysiloxane, is celebrated for its non-toxicity and absence of irritants, antigenicity, or carcinogenic properties.
  • This ensures a gentle yet effective recovery process, even on the most sensitive skin.


Innovative scar management:

  • Leveraging nearly half a century of medical research, silicone is recognized for its unique ability to prevent hyperplasia and excessive tissue formation over wounds.
  • These shields represent the pinnacle of non-invasive scar therapy, effectively minimizing wound mobilization and controlling collagen production to reduce the visibility of scars.


Effective and gentle recovery:

  • Designed to apply a slight pressure on the scar, Scar Shield mimics the skin’s natural recovery mechanisms.
  • This approach leads to visible improvements in scar appearance within weeks, with optimal healing results typically seen within 12 weeks of regular use.


Customizable and reusable:

  • Tailor-made for your recovery journey, these silicone shields are not only effective but also customizable and reusable.
  • They can be trimmed to fit the specific size and shape of your scar, and each shield can be worn repeatedly for up to two weeks or until the adhesive diminishes, offering a practical and cost-effective scar management option.


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