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The Essentials Recovery Optimization Kit


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The Essential Surgery Recovery Optimization Kit – Our Essential Surgery Recovery Kit designed to give you optimize your post-op recovery and facilitate your natural healing process possible. This Kit has been carefully curated by Dr. Barrett.

Get The Essential Surgery Recovery Kit and save 10%! The retail value of this Kit is $523.95.

Each product of this Kit is designed to complement the next and assists with giving you the opportunity to have the best recovery possible.

With Dr. Barretts recommendations on taking these supplements after surgery, he significantly improved the natural healing process of his patients.

In this Video Dr. Barrett extensively discusses his Post-op instructions for his patients at his practice in Beverly Hills.
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The Essential Surgery Recovery Kit includes:
Barrett Recovery Oil (1500mg), to soothe your body and calm your mind.

Heal Fast Pre-Op Supplements (40 Capsules), provides necessary nutrients before surgery.

Heal Fast Post-Op Supplements (100 Capsules), provides necessary nutrients after surgery and helps detox from anesthesia.

Arnica Recovery Complex (14 Capsules), for swelling and bruising.

Skinuva Scar Gel (50ml), to help improve the appearance of scars.

Barrett Recovery Post-Op Supply Kit

Get the whole Kit and save 10%! The retail value of this Kit is $523.95.

Gauze (5 per set) 1
ABD Pads 3
Steri-strips 4
Saline 2
Bacitracin 5
Bandaids 5
Suture Removal Kit (disposable) 1
Chucks 4
Tidy Towels 3
Q-tips (2 per set) 5
Grey Basin 1
Telfa (Non stick) 5
Paper Tape 1
White Wash Cloths 2
Kerlix Wrap 1
Instant Ice Packs 2
Refillable Ice Pack 1
Alcohol Prep pads 10
Gloves (set) 2
Thermometer 1
Hand Sanitizer 1
Disposable Masks 2
Earplugs (set) 2
Nausea bag 2
Confirming bandage 1
Sleep mask 1
Pill pack 1
Lip Balm 1
Drink bottle 1
Plastic tub with handle for easy carrying 1

Our Essentials Recovery Optimization Kit is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance your plastic surgery recovery journey. Carefully curated with essential products, this kit provides the support you need to promote healing, reduce discomfort, and achieve optimal results following your surgical procedure.

Each item in the kit is specifically selected to address the unique needs of individuals recovering from plastic surgery. We understand the importance of a smooth and comfortable recovery, and our kit is designed to optimize your healing process.

Included in the kit are products that promote wound healing, reduce inflammation, and alleviate discomfort. These essentials may include scar gels, silicone sheets, wound cleansers, topical creams, and more, depending on the specific surgical procedure.

Our Essentials Recovery Optimization Kit also focuses on post-operative care and maintaining a healthy recovery environment. It may contain antibacterial soaps, sterile dressings, and instructions for proper wound care, ensuring that you have the tools and guidance necessary for a successful recovery.

By providing these essential products, we aim to minimize complications, support optimal healing, and enhance your overall recovery experience. Our kit is designed to give you peace of mind and the confidence to navigate your post-operative journey with ease.

Optimize your plastic surgery recovery with our Essentials Recovery Optimization Kit and experience the difference it can make. We are committed to your well-being and providing you with the necessary resources for a successful recovery.



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