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The Tuck Stops Here – Your Tummy Tuck Recovery

The Tuck Stops Here – Your Tummy Tuck Recovery

One of the most important steps in any plastic surgery plan is preparing for your recovery. But ensuring you have the best possible tummy tuck recovery starts before you ever enter the operating room, beginning with good vitamins and supplementation. Dr. Barrett has discovered hundreds of products aimed at ensuring his patients have the best recovery possible, and his tummy tuck recovery supplies reflect a holistic approach to health and wellness.

What supplies do I need after a tummy tuck?

Formulated in both a Healfast Pre-Op version and a Healfast Post-Op version, Healfast contains everything your body is going to need to recover from surgery. In addition to the vitamins needed to prepare your body to go under the knife and assist in your post-op recovery, it contains prebiotics to help restore the natural gut flora and fauna that’s affected by the antibiotics needed to prevent any infection from surgery.

Barrett Recovery Oil , a full spectrum organic CBD that’s formulated with 1500mg of pure, therapeutic cannabidiol per bottle, is really a game-changer for pain management, anxiety and sleep. CBD can also help with post-op swelling by affecting the signals in the body’s endocannabinoid receptors, which are found in the body’s central and peripheral nervous systems.

 Magnesium Breakthrough is also essential to control the muscle spasms that may occur as you go through your mommy makeover recovery. It can also help with constipation and sleep. Arnica Recovery Complex contains both arnica and bromelain, and is an effective, holistic way to decrease the inflammation after surgery that occurs in your body without causing a leaky gut that can happen with traditional anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen or aspirin. Formulated to provide the optimal level of nutrient support, for enhanced recovery after surgery, Healfast Post-Op gives your body the necessary nutrients to heal and helps you detox from anesthesia, in addition to also reducing swelling, bruising and inflammation, and aiding in pain control. MassZymes, a digestive enzyme supplement, breaks down the debris created from the wound healing process, improves tissue remodeling and actually reduces the lab markers of inflammation, making it one of the best supplements for healing after your mommy makeover. Finally, starting at two weeks post-op, you should start using scar gel. Skinuva® is surgical scar healing cream that’s backed by science and uses highly selective growth factors which are shown to be twice as effective as silicone cream.

Another game-changer: Red light therapy. A key therapeutic treatment for inflammation, it works by penetrating the body at the cellular level with specific wavelengths of light, reducing swelling and supporting tissue repair and regeneration. LightStim in particular, combines this therapeutic light energy with patented technology as an inflammation after surgery treatment in an easy-to-use, at home device. It accelerates the body’s recovery process by increasing circulation and is even FDA cleared to relieve pain. When used right after surgery (and beyond), it can help significantly with swelling, bruising and even with post-surgery scarring.

Dr. Barrett has also curated a tummy tuck recovery kit to set his patients up for surgical success with the least amount of down time and discomfort possible.

How long do you need to rest after a tummy tuck?

When it comes to recovery time, a minimum of two weeks of downtime is needed for your initial recovery—but keep in mind that it’s really dependent on the individual and the procedures performed; some may need longer than two weeks of downtime. Keep in mind that no matter what procedure combination you choose, you don’t want to do any heavy lifting for at least six weeks. After those first two weeks, you can resume some exercise: walking upstairs, incline workouts, isolated leg workouts, but you should avoid any upper body workouts for now. After four weeks and beyond, you can do some light jogging. And at week six, you can resume upper body and core workouts.

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Do you want to learn more about Barrett Plastic Surgery? Keep up to date by subscribing to our blog and following us on social media at Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Realself, YouTube, Snapchat, Yelp, and Facebook for updates.

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