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Why You Should Use Arnica to Aid in Recovery After Plastic Surgery

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Why You Should Use Arnica to Aid in Recovery After Plastic Surgery

You may remember Arnica as something your mom, dad or caretaker would use on the various and often-appearing bumps, scrapes and bruises of your childhood. And that’s exactly why it’s something you should use as part of your postoperative regimen.

Arnica montana, known colloquially as simply “arnica”, originates in Europe and is a flowering plant related to the sunflower that typically blooms in the summer. Its use as an herbal medicine goes back centuries due to its analgesic and antiinflammatory properties. Today, it’s most often used in the form of a topical gel or cream, as an oral supplement, or as a tea to treat bruising and inflammation prior to or after injury or surgery.

Can Arnica aid in Cosmetic Surgery recovery? Absolutely. When you undergo any type of surgery – cosmetic or otherwise – you will experience swelling. Arnica is an effective, holistic way to decrease the inflammation after surgery that occurs in your body without causing a leaky gut that can happen with traditional anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen or aspirin.

Why You Should Use Arnica to Aid in Recovery After Plastic Surgery

What is the best supplement to take for healing after a surgery?

It can be difficult to parse through the endless supplements that claim to aid in postoperative healing (many with varying degrees of success). And while there is no one “perfect” supplement that does it all to aid in your plastic surgery recovery, Dr. Barrett recommends Arnica Recovery Complex to all his patients. Formulated with Bromelain, a protein-digesting enzyme found in the stems of pineapples that works as an anti-inflammatory and heals bruising faster, it packs a major healing punch and is an amazing tool to add to your postoperative toolbox. Arnica Recovery Complex is actually formulated to speed recovery up to 50% and can help stimulate skin tissue regeneration, support capillary function and aid in general surgical healing and pain relief. 

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