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Home Care Kits Following Breast Augmentation Procedures

Home Care Kits Following Breast Augmentation Procedures

Home Care Kits Following Breast Augmentation Procedures

Following breast augmentation surgery, aftercare is vital. The most beneficial way to aid recovery is to have a Breast Augmentation Post-Operative Home Care Kit to expedite the time recuperating from surgical procedure trauma. Healing is a time for rest. It is quintessential to feel super comfortable while improving to help you reach the best results. Barrett Plastic Surgery Pre-Op Products provide the ultimate care before your procedure.

Dr. Barrett explains the benefits of having a surgery recovery kit:

“Home kits allow you to take control of your wounds, reduce inflammation, and minimize scars simultaneously. I curated our aftercare essentials to ensure they combine the safest clinically proven ingredients to enhance recovery and decrease downtime while incorporating everything you will need.”

So why do you need breast augmentation or breast reduction recovery kits?

We understand your experience because we have been in recovery and have personal knowledge of how you will feel and how our products will help. Having suitable post-surgery provisions, specifically designed for your needs, on hand will keep you carefree and minimize concerns during your recuperation time, especially during the pandemic, while not having to worry about running to the store for supplies, which can be potentially dangerous for your health, removes an added inconvenience.

What is a shortlist of the top-recommended home care essentials to help you recover effectively? 

Saline strips, ice packs, probiotics, vitamins, thermometer, topical ointment, and a breast recovery compression bra to help minimize the after-effects from a breast reduction operation.

How does each home care kit product benefit my recovery process?

The cold compresses will work wonders to soothe the breast area and reduce the swelling. A thermometer is always good to have on hand, along with topical ointments such as Neosporin for over the breasts and incisions until they heal because infections can happen. Keeping the dressings and incisions dry and clean diminishes the chance of illness.

An elevated upper body position is required as much as possible. Another excellent addition to the kit is a wedge-shaped pillow to uplift the breast, reducing swelling and bruises. Once the compression bra is no longer needed, you will want a lightweight undergarment to give your breasts good support. As with any other cosmetic procedure, pain medication or anti-inflammatories (as required) will aid post-op pain and inflammation. You can add many different items according to your needs.

What is an excellent nutritional supplement to help post-operatively?

The pandemic has also inadvertently uncovered patients’ unknown disorders and low diet and nutrition habits, delaying recovery following surgery. While Dr. Barrett will recommend getting your conditions under control well before the operation, it is up to you to meet your body’s nutritional requirements. Dr. Barrett recommends using the Arnica Recovery Complexpost-operatively for additional support to promote a speedy recovery and lessen the amount of pain, bruising, and swelling. Upon discharge, Dr. Barrett will send you home with a set of post-op instructions to follow during your healing journey.

Our curated essentials are available separately. Buying them together comes with a discount!

What if you cannot decide what to add to your breast augmentation or breast reduction recovery kit?

Home Care Kits Following Breast Augmentation Procedures

If you are uncertain about what to add to your home care recovery kits, do not worry. Our caring team will recommend which is right for you based on your procedure. We hope this article has you relaxed and answered your questions. If you like this article, please share it with your friends and family. Do you want to learn more about Barrett Plastic Surgery? Subscribe to our blog, and follow us on social media at TwitterTikTokInstagramRealselfYouTubeSnapchatYelp, and Facebook for updates.

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