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Scar Shield | Abdomen


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Scar Shield | Abdomen: Redefine Healing on Your Terms

Unveiling the ultimate in customization from Barrett Recovery, developed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Barrett.

These 2”x24” silicone sheets empower your recovery journey for diverse procedures and varying wound sizes.

Embrace your path to confident healing with Scar Shield.

High-quality material:

  • Crafted from 100% silicone, our Scar Shield sheets offer a safe and effective option for scar management.
  • Silicone, also known as polysiloxane, is a medically-approved material, free from toxins, irritants, and harmful substances, ensuring safe usage even on sensitive skin.


Customizable design:

  • Each package includes one versatile 2” x 24” roll, designed to be easily tailored to fit a variety of wound shapes and sizes.
  • This feature is particularly beneficial for larger incisions, such as those from tummy tuck surgeries.


Clinically proven benefits:

  • Silicone has been a trusted element in medical and cosmetic surgery for nearly 50 years, known for its unique ability to prevent hyperplasia and excessive tissue formation over wounds.
  • These sheets are the gold standard in non-invasive scar therapy, minimizing wound mobilization and suppressing excess collagen production to prevent prominent scarring. 

Effective scar reduction:

  • The Scar Shield sheets work by applying gentle pressure on the scar, emulating the skin’s natural healing process.
  • Visible improvements in scar appearance are often seen within weeks, with optimal results typically observed within 12 weeks of consistent use. 

Durability and reusability:

  • Our silicone sheets are not only customizable but also reusable.
  • They can be cut to precisely match the scar’s size and shape and worn repeatedly.
  • Each sheet remains effective for up to two weeks, or until the adhesive wears off, offering both convenience and cost-effectiveness.


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