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Sleep | Duo


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Our best selling full-spectrum, organic, plant-based 100% natural recovery tincture bundled together with our specialized blend of magnesium for you to get the best value!

CALMg contains a unique blend of seven different types of magnesium, designed to alleviate anxiety and promote relaxation. CALMg’s relaxing elements help naturally settle pre and post-operative nerves, reduce anxiety, conserve energy for recovery, aid constipation, and allow you to rest comfortably by enabling optimal sleep patterns.

Natural Relief 1500mg Oil works synergistically with the magnesium to alleviate discomfort and support your body’s natural healing mechanisms. Many of Dr. Barrett’s patients find that they can replace their narcotic pain medication with this natural alternative.


    • Natural Relief | 1500mg Full-Spectrum Oil Tincture

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    • Natural Relief | Duo

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    • CALMg | Daily Magnesium Supplement

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    • Optimal Recovery | Duo

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