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What to Pack in Your BBL Recovery Bag: Essentials for a Smooth Recovery

What to Pack in Your BBL Recovery Bag: Essentials for a Smooth Recovery

Brazilian butt lifts, commonly known as a BBL, have quickly become an extremely popular, and controversial, procedure. It’s infamously one of the most dangerous plastic surgeries with a death rate of 1 in 3,000 yet it’s the fastest growing cosmetic procedures in the world, rising 77.7% since 2015. BBLs consist of fat grafting from one part of the body to be injected into the butt and hips creating a curvier shape. Since the surgery is so invasive and complicated, being prepared and diligent during the recovery period is particularly important, not only for the best results but to give patients one less thing to worry about. The easiest way to be as prepared as possible is to create a BBL aftercare kit filled with supplies that will assist in maximizing comfort and healing. 

BBLs transform the body into an hourglass figure, taking excess fat to add to the butt and hips. Altering such large parts of the body means patients should be ready to adjust their lifestyle accordingly until they heal, and BBL after surgery supplies should reflect that. It’s imperative to get loose-fitting clothing, comfortable pillows, and the proper medical supplies before the surgery. As far as clothing, it’s most important to wear loose-fitting garments that don’t put pressure on the butt or hips. Think sweatpants, pajama bottoms, or tunics/large t-shirts. Basically, loungewear is the name of the game. 

The procedure has become so popular that Amazon has a curated list filled with post-BBL clothing options. On this list, you’ll see a ton of loose-fitting clothing, but you’ll also see different types of compression garments. After the surgery, doctors recommend wearing compression garments for anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks to support the butt to help improve healing, blood circulation, and skin elasticity. Choosing the right garments that don’t add pressure to the butt is important to reduce swelling and bruising and achieve optimal results. 

Aside from the right clothing, sitting aids are also an essential BBL supply kit item. Special sitting aids and pillows that allow for proper weight distribution and support are a game changer. We spend so much time sitting so figuring out different ways to sit down is a real problem for BBL patients. BBL pillows that slide underneath the thighs, transferring pressure from the butt, are the ideal pillows to use in recovery. Amazon and other retailers make special chairs and pillows that can be added to seats for BBL patients. It’s best to avoid using regular pillows and shop around for pillows designed especially for this surgery to make sure  pressure is being properly alleviated. 

BBL recovery kits need to include medical items for pain management and keeping up with hygiene. Doctors will prescribe any medication necessary, but having over-the-counter options like ibuprofen on hand is a good way to avoid taking too many harsh medications. Plastic surgeons often sell other supplies that are helpful to add to a recovery kit like pre- and post-op supplements, scar gel, or healing oils. Though showering should be avoided the first few days after the procedure, keeping the surgery wounds clean can be the difference between a normal recovery and winding up back in the hospital with an infection. Sponge baths are recommended to stay clean and once showers are permitted they should be brief, with lukewarm water keeping the incision sites dry. Full baths should be avoided for two to three weeks. 

Outside of making a BBL recovery kit, patients should pay special attention to their nutrition and hydration post surgery. Nutrient dense foods that provide the body with minerals and vitamins and drinking tons of water to replenish electrolytes helps support the body during recovery. Some foods doctors recommend after a BBL include spinach, avocado, peanuts, salmon, and fortified cereals.

Having a plan and kit ready after surgery makes a huge difference and optimizes results. After picking a skilled and qualified surgeon to perform the surgery, patients should take the next step to be prepared for a safe recovery on their way to their new body.

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