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The Ultimate Guide To Post-Plastic Surgery Care: How To Optimize Healing For Optimal Results

The Ultimate Guide To Post-Plastic Surgery Care: How To Optimize Healing For Optimal Results

More often than not, when people think of plastic surgery they focus mostly on the end results or the fear of going under the knife. The least glamorous, and often looked over, aspect of cosmetic procedures is aftercare. However, this is also one of the most important parts of the process — proper post-surgery care can improve healing for increased comfort and optimal results.

Plastic surgery recovery refers to the necessary time period the body needs to heal after undergoing a surgical procedure. Depending on the intensity of the surgery, the recovery time can vary from days to weeks to months. After plastic surgery, it’s vital to have a plan for recovery that’s been approved by your doctor, including the aftercare instructions given by the practice. For the best results, purchasing a post plastic surgery kit can assist in easing the process as much as possible.

The essential plastic surgery recovery kit includes supplies that facilitate holistic natural healing with every product designed to complement each other. In addition to plastic surgery post-op supplies like gauze, bandages, pain killers, and sterilizing wipes, it’s beneficial to incorporate surgeon recommended and tested products that keep patients comfortable and ensure aesthetically pleasing end results. Products like HealFast (which is supported by clinical research and comes in both a pre- and post-op form) use a blend of vitamins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and amino acids that aid the healing process and assist with pain control while reducing scarring and swelling. In addition to all of this, HealFast gives the body nutrients that help detox from anesthesia.

Post plastic surgery kits can also include innovative technology and science like introducing CBD oils into the pain management process. Therapeutic cannabidiol can help reduce anxiety before and after the surgery, and serves as a natural sleep aid thus reducing the need for pain medication. Other innovative products include Skinuva Scar gel, which is proven to improve the appearance of scars two times better than silicone cream, and LightStim, which is an FDA-approved device that accelerates the recovery process through increased blood circulation.

The post-op plastic surgery period doesn’t have to be a source of anxiety and dread with the right information and the right tools to assist the process. Still, there are many questions people have regarding life after plastic surgery. One of the most widespread questions, particularly for women, is: Can plastic surgery affect pregnancy? Anticipating another body transformation is a natural curiosity to have after being stitched back together, but luckily the answer is no, studies show that there aren’t serious health risks associated with pregnancy after plastic surgery. As long as the surgery was performed safely by a certified surgeon and aftercare goes smoothly, plastic surgery shouldn’t get in the way of welcoming a new member to the family.

Plastic surgery recovery supplies are an essential way to prevent adverse reactions or prolonged discomfort after a cosmetic procedure. Dr. Barrett’s plastic surgery collection includes post plastic surgery kits for all kinds of procedures including liposuction and BBLs, as well as tools like the Tushbaby carrier that assist in distributing a baby’s weight evenly so they can be held comfortably after surgery. It’s important to remember that plastic surgery may involve some trauma to the body, but thanks to modern science there are a multitude of products that ease the recovery process giving patients ample time to focus on their new, stunning results from start to finish.

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